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Dentures and Partials

ToothMasters is the superior choice for quality dentures or partial dentures in Alexander City and the surrounding area. Dr. Price has been specializing in denture care since she began practicing in 1995. Prosthetic dentistry is a passion of Dr. Price. Dr. Price will help you decide on the dentures or partials that are best suited for your individual needs and overall oral health.
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Dentures and Partials

At ToothMasters, your individual needs will be met with the best options of dentures available in the marketplace. Whether you require customized dentures, immediate dentures or partial dentures, we can help. For reasonably priced dentures, trust Dr. Price and the team at ToothMasters. Dentures are a cost-effective option to traditional crowns or bridges for smile restoration. ToothMasters uses an in-office lab to create your customized dentures and partial dentures. We have a full time, experienced denture lab technician working on our staff to tend to all of your denture adjustments and needs.

If you are looking to be fitted for dentures, come to ToothMasters. You can rely on the expertise of Dr. Joni Price for quality dentures and partial dentures. At ToothMasters, our patients come first. We will work hard to enhance your overall oral health and provide you with cost effective dental solutions. Trust the team at ToothMasters for dentures.

Types of Full Dentures

Immediate Dentures: These are usually a temporary means of helping you transition to successful denture wearing. Because of the muscular readjustment required, as well as the natural shrinkage of gums, the dentures which are placed immediately after tooth extraction won’t fit as well as permanent dentures made when the healing is complete. They do, however, provide you with new teeth right away, and give you time to adjust.

Conventional Full Dentures: After a period of time, permanent dentures that conform to your mouth with near-perfect accuracy can be fabricated. These are carefully crafted to look as much like your own natural teeth as possible, and are able to function properly in your mouth for a long time.

Implant-Supported Overdentures: To increase the stability of a lower or upper denture, it’s possible for it to be securely anchored using two or more dental implants. The upper jaw requires more implants (generally three or more) than the lower jaw due to a lesser bone density. Many people find this option offers a great balance of comfort, functionality and value.

Types of Partial Dentures

Transitional Partial Dentures: These relatively inexpensive removable plastic dentures serve as a temporary tooth replacement and space maintainer as you wait for your mouth to heal from tooth extraction, for example. Once the healing process is complete, dental implants can be placed.

Removable Partial Dentures: Usually made of cast vitallium, these well-constructed, metal-based removable partial dentures are much lighter and less obtrusive than those made of plastic. They are a little more expensive than plastic dentures but will fit better. They are, however, much less expensive than implants or fixed bridgework.

What to Expect After You Get Dentures

If you’ve recently lost your teeth and received an immediate denture, it’s normal to find some tissue shrinkage and bone loss occurring. Therefore, in several months you may find that your immediate dentures no longer fit well. You will have two choices at this point: You can have your immediate dentures re-lined. This means that material is added under the denture’s base to better conform to the new contours of your alveolar ridge. A better option is to move to a set of conventional full dentures, which will last longer and fit better. With proper care, dentures offer a functional, aesthetic and economical solution to the problem of tooth loss.

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